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Hailing from the Midwest, Seaside Holiday is an indie rock/electronica band that, leads the listener into a kaleidoscope of sound, spreading out an atmospheric space for delicate female vocals. It is in this ethereal voice that we find a longing that any spiritual being recognizes as their own. Leaning predominantly on minor keys, Seaside Holiday produces a multilayered, effects-heavy sound that beckons the listener to deeper discovery across the breadth of their music.


“A while ago there was a very small and unlikely electronic movement incoming from Ohio. Seaside Holiday are perhaps the last remnant of that movement. They just released a wonderful album mixed by Ronnie Martin (Joy Electric). I hear traces of Stereolab and Dubstar in their music and even, dare I say it, Tess Wiley?” (listed as a top 5 pick for “Radar Scene” artists)

Jacob Graham

Member of The Drums – NME​

Drawing from influences such as Stereolab, Wild Nothing, Beach House, and School of Seven Bells, a framework of diverse timbre is constructed. This two-person outfit brings together a collection of synth-pop and alt-rock melodies crafted by the brother and sister duo of Morgan McQuate and Cara Dziak. Not to be missed are the compelling bass grooves found in “Expectations”; the phaser/delay/reverb combo found in the lead guitars of “Better Off”; the haunting ebow strains of “Habitual Healer”; and the magnificent spiritual call of “Under the Shade of Trees”. This LP was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Martin (Joy Electric, The Foxglove Hunt) at the eepsociety.


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